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Maintain your energy and vitality at work.

Working with Energy – one day workshop

Working closely with either individual clients or groups can be very draining. Sandy will show you practical techniques that you can use to avoid burn out and ensure that you maintain a high energy level for the benefit of you and your clients. A must for any advisor, health care practitioner, presenter and anyone feeling burn out!

Self Nurturing while keeping in the Creative Zone – one day workshop

How do you maintain momentum and avoid burnout? In Working with Energy Sandy explores how you can protect your creative energy and stop being drained by others. But how do we get that creative energy in the first place? Self nurturing allows us to live creatively in connection with our passion and purpose. You will learn how to use your inner resources to sustain your passion, keep connecting with your creativity and thrive emotionally and physically. This workshop is about learning practical tools for looking after yourself and maximising the positive results of your work. This one is for anyone who wants to energise from the inside out to maintain passion and stamina!