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What People Say:

“Having a private meditation session with Sandy is like a major energy injection. My mind stops whirling and I come away feeling really calm but at the same time full of renewed energy and sense of the goodness and richness of life.”
— C. Mitchell, former Corporate Lawyer

“Since I started learning to meditate with Sandy 5 years ago, I have found that I am much less scattered in my thoughts. Meditation helps me with clearing my mind so that I make more right decisions than wrong ones. Since working with Sandy I have much greater control over my destiny I can clear my mind and make space for new ideas and answers to my own questions.”
— Charlotte Prouse, The Brand Coach

“I first worked with Sandy to help me meditate and to re-connect with my intuition. With the pace of the world becoming faster and faster it was important to me to move away from the continual 'doingness' of life and bring back a bit of the 'beingness' into my life. I now meditate regularly, feel much more relaxed and in control and my creativity has improved immensely.”
— Andrew, Financial Advising